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Hi! We are Kris & Eug, husband and wife wedding photographer and videographer based in Liverpool. We have been photographing and filming weddings since 2008. It all started with a family photo studio in a department store in Liverpool City Centre, we have been all over the world covering weddings as well as commercial + corporate events. Celebrity weddings, Monte Carlo and F1 cars, Cheshire manor houses, City Centre hotels, barns, marquees.... We seen it all! Point is it's fair to say we are experienced. We are now based in a custom built studio which has been our home for the past 8 years. We love shooting weddings and have spent our entire lives working towards building our business. So as well as being experienced, we are also passionate about it all! 

You can view our brochure which has all of our costs using the button 'prices' or to check our availability or if you have any questions just send us a email.


You may have already heard of our other company, Keyhole Motors Wedding Cars. Having been involved in weddings for almost all our professional working lives, plus working in the automotive industry producing films and stills for all major manufactures. We combined our passions and created Keyhole Motors  


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03 what we do 

We offer combined wedding photography and wedding video packages, although we can supply one of these services individually. There are benefits of having us shoot both your wedding photography and film, such as we both shoot photo & video. Maximising the coverage on the day, plus ensuring one of us is always in the action. Secondly we live and work together, so have somewhat of an understanding what each is thinking. Having covered so many weddings together (thousands) we work very well as a team. 

All that said we have have no problem working with other companies and would happily advise you on different packages we have on offer. 


04 contact

Tel: 0151 708 7077

Keyhole, 47A Dinas Lane, Liverpool, L36 2NL 

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