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A 35ft Father Christmas In My Garden!

Our Christmas themed Youtube Films continue this week! In a break from our traditional wedding related content we have put together these films in the run up to Christmas!

This is one of my favourite episodes and it brought back so many memories from the day itself.

The challenge in this weeks film for Stan is to erect a 35ft Father Christmas in his front garden. The giant Santa straddles his doorway and is split into 3 or 4 sections. It's absolutely huge and it's scale isn’t really truly appreciated until it's fully set up.

The structure is stored in Stans Garage which is at the back of his house and the way the garage and house are built meant there wasn’t an easy way to carry it through the garden to the front of the house. Instead, it has to be carried all the way around the block, which is about a 5-10minute walk.

Usually Stan would receive help from a local company who would send a flat bed truck to assist with this process, but for some reason during this particular time this wasn’t possible and all the parts had to be brought around by hand.

For me, it's this episode that you see the effort Stan puts in as we see him on the roof, climbing ladders, helping with a crane….. It's incredible to watch this process.

Editing this piece was so much fun and the personality of Jimmy, Stans Uncle and some of his other family members really shines through. It felt a little like a family event, everyone working together towards one goal.

The completion of the 35ft Santa now leaves the inside of the house pretty much complete and just the finishing touches on the exterior are required. We are now getting to the point where we see Stan in the famous red suit. At the time I didn’t realise that there was so much more to be done. After all, the hard work is opening your doors to 20,000 visitors!

Thanks again for watching these films, we have had a great response from them. It's been lovely to work on and with 2020 being so challenging for us all it's been great to look back on Christmas' gone.

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Dan Bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian
Sep 15, 2023



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