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Natural Wedding Photography

By Keyhole Studios 


Here we have a range of images from a selection of real weddings we have covered.

We have put this gallery together to give you a sense of the coverage you can expect from our wedding photography. 

It is always a good idea to view a full wedding from the venue you have chosen, therefore please get in contact with us and we will send you a full gallery.This will give you a great sense of how your

special day will look. 

-       Bridal Preparation       - 

Wedding photography coverage usually begins around 2 hours before your ceremony. This is a perfect time to arrive as initially we photograph the details such as wedding dress, shoes, rings etc. At this stage your hair and make-up is almost complete and this is ideal for us as we can mock up most of the 'getting ready' with your hair and makeup looking perfect. 

-        Groom Preparation         - 

When it comes to photographing the groom and the groomsmen, depending on the package you have we meet the guys at the ceremony. However, if you want extended coverage we can begin the photography in the morning whilst they are getting ready. This isn't always necessary and we would recommend discussing your options with us. 

-        The Ceremony         - 

We have a number of options when it comes to wedding photography, such as using one photographer or two.Depending on the amount of guests attending you really see the benefit of a second photographer during the ceremony. The lead photographer will be positioned at the front, whilst the second photographer is at the back.This allows us to cover all angles during the ceremony.