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Through The Keyhole -Weddings At Allerton Manor - The Hay Loft - From the Photographer

Wedding Photography by Keyhole Studios at Allerton Manor

Allerton Manor has become a frequently visited wedding venue for us over the past couple of years. I am writing this article in late 2020 and when I last visited the venue which was in October, they had very impressive plans to expand the complex, adding even more to an already attractive wedding venue. Exciting times ahead for all at Allerton Manor!

The last wedding I shot at here was under COVID-19 restrictions so guests were limited to 15. You can read all about Stephanie & Deans wedding further down below as they were kind enough to assist us for this particular blog. Usually when we cover weddings here, there are circa 60-80 guests and the reason I mention this is there are a lot of venues that don’t appeal to small and large weddings for a number of reasons. However, I was very impressed with the versatility of the Hay Loft. The set up for 15 guests in the room looked stunning and just as good as it would if it were holding a wedding for 60 guests.

This demonstrates that although 15 is a very limited number of guests, if you are considering a smaller wedding of say 40, or a larger wedding of more than double this, then The Hayloft will work!

Allerton Manor is a golf course and the Hayloft is one of the first buildings you see when you enter the long private drive into the venue. The grounds on the approach are lovely and the car park is nearby if you are driving.

The Hayloft is upstairs but there is a stair lift to gain access, something which has been regularly used on the previous weddings I have shot here.

As you walk in you are greeted by the bar, lounge and outdoor patio overlooking a wooded area. The decor is very nice and although you would have the option to dress this section of the venue there isn’t much that would need doing.

The outdoor patio provides a great breakout space for guests, even in the winter with the large umbrellas and patio heaters I have seen the space used. The patio can also host a BBQ, a great addition to the wedding!

There is a long corridor behind the bar and this is a lovely spot for bridal portraits as there are large windows with plenty of natural light. Combined with the white walls of the corridor it lends itself to photographs of the bride showcasing her dress.

The room where your wedding breakfast tastes place is full of character. There is a large curved window directly behind where the top table is usually positioned. This overlooks the car park, but generally with the angle of which we take the photographs, very few numbers of cars are visible and sometimes none at all.

The shape of this window is a great feature but also allows plenty of daylight into the room, ideal for wedding photographs.

Wedding Photography by Keyhole Studios at Allerton Manor
Wedding Photography by Keyhole Studios at Allerton Manor
Wedding Photography by Keyhole Studios at Allerton Manor

On either side of the room there are also windows, filling the space with light. This is a great trait for a wedding venue, having natural light adds another dimension to your wedding photographs and fills the space with an ambience which is hard to replicate in rooms with no windows. There are exposed beams in the ceilings which add further character and provide a great bit of texture in the wedding photos.

As you walk into the room the top table is usually set up directly in front of you with the large shaped window behind the table. If you have a DJ and LED dance floor, in the past I have seen these set up prior to your arrival but If you have your ceremony here, this usually wouldn’t be an option as the ceremony takes place in the same room.

On the opposite wall to the top table is a fireplace, this feature can be peppered with candles and other decorations. Again, this room doesn’t need too much dressing as there are plenty of textures and features. We have seen fairy lights added onto the beams which add great depth in your wedding photos.

When we have attended the venue in the past the venue manager has always been incredibly helpful and obliging. Even to the extent of organising a couple of golf buggies to take bride, groom and the crew around the grounds for photos!

Wedding Photography by Keyhole Studios at Allerton Manor

There are a number of spots which must be visited for wedding photos. I like to start by the white picket fence and there is a certain symmetry here which helps create quirky images. From here there are wooded paths which diffuse the sun allowing for dramatic images. Whilst on the green the depth and trees help provide more traditional locations for snaps.

Wedding Photography by Keyhole Studios at Allerton Manor

Upon returning to the venue a shot back at the Hayloft is a must. The textures of the building are excellent and aside from moving any smoking guests out of the background this photo works really well!

Overall, Allerton Manor is a versatile wedding venue which can host small and larger weddings. The interior is very nice with minimal dressing required. The grounds are stunning, staff super friendly and located in a lovely part of city.

We are excited to see the new development and look froward to shooting many more weddings at Allerton Manor!

Wedding Photography by Keyhole Studios at Allerton Manor
Wedding Photography by Keyhole Studios at Allerton Manor

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