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Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography - Titanic Rum Warehouse - Liverpool

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I remember the first time I visited The Rum Warehouse, walking out onto the dock overlooking the Tobacco Warehouse I was shocked by the scale and history of the site. You can’t help but pause to take in the views when visiting the site and this is something that doesn't grow old. Having shot many weddings at the venue, I still love to return and take in the amazing surroundings. 

The scale and high standards continue on the inside of the building as every area of the hotel is tastefully decorated and beautifully lit. The new section of the hotel which has been built during the renovation seems to seamlessly blend with the historic section. The transition between the two sections of the building is perfect.

That said, I push a button on a camera for a living so what do I know about architecture and design…. 

From a photographers point of view, all of the above provides a lovely canvas for photographs. Some venues based in city centres can suffer from a s