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Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography - West Tower - Liverpool

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

We are fortunate to shoot in some stunning venues across the country and abroad, from country manor houses, private stately homes, converted barns, hotels and other alternative spaces, we have seen the majority of them all. For me, there are a select few that stand out from the vast selection out there. 

West Tower is always on my list of recommendations and the main reason being is the professionalism of the business. 

We get to work with the operational team during the wedding and Kim and her staff are fantastic. The relationship they have with the clients is excellent and there is no problem that can't be solved. They will bend over backwards to ensure everything is perfect for your special day. Importantly, they respect suppliers that have been contracted by the soon to be married couple. I always feel that all the suppliers are working on the same side when I attend West Tower, which is brilliant! 

Here is a Montage of the Day film from a wedding we covered at West Tower

Wedding venues receive a lot of traffic and hosting an event with 100+ slightly intoxicated wedding guests can take its toll on the fixtures and fittings at a venue. I have witnessed many times the odd slightly damaged door, scuffed wall, out of service lavatory etc at wedding venues. However, every time I turn up to West Tower the facilities are immaculate and it feels as though they have a maintenance team on site permanently. This high standard extends to the upkeep of their grounds. There is never any cigarette butts littering the grounds or rogue pint glasses which have managed to find their way into a bush. Attention to detail all round is second to none and this needs to be acknowledged. 

Then we come to the most important element in a wedding photographers life. You may be thinking of the lighting in the gardens or areas for photos, perhaps the space for shooting the ceremony and speeches or the ease of loading all of our equipment in. Well all of these points receive full marks from me and can't be faulted, But the most important element for all wedding photographers is of course the food! What is the food like!?

Well I can tell you I get very excited when I see we are attending West Tower as their food is BRILLIANT! Unlike some venues who use outside catering companies, West Tower have their own in-house chefs who pay as much attention to detail as their front of house staff, maintenance team and sales team. The food is excellent! 

In all seriousness, there are some lovely spots for photographs with plenty of options both indoor and outdoor, lots of space and great light. It's a beautiful, romantic venue that lends itself to countless opportunities to capture perfect wedding photographs, both candid and artistic.

One of our Real Wedding Features was from Katie & Christians wedding at West Tower. You can read their glowing endorsement of the venue here

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