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I've Got 240 Santa's In My Living Room!

This is the second episode in a series of films I created about Stan Fullerton, the Liverpool Father Christmas, whilst I was a student in 2004. In this episode we see the transformation of the interior of Stan's home.

Every year Stan would transform his home on Kremlin Drive in Liverpool, into a Christmas grotto free for all to visit. He begins the process in June and this episode shows material from July, August and September.

In all honestly we should have shown more of the efforts Stan and his family go through. In the film we attempt to make out as if the transformation happens with a little bit of magic, but in reality it was months and months of hard work. The material we have doesn’t really display the work that was put into the makeover of the downstairs of the house. I’m not really sure why I don’t have more footage, although I am going to put it down to me being a 17 year old student! If I were to redo this episode I would most certainly pay an additional visit in between the material we had gathered.

We do however see a normal living room one day and a nearly completed grotto the next. Stan would transform the hallway, living room and conservatory into the magical grotto. This episode sets the scene for what is to come, and there is a lot of work still to be done!

Next on the agenda would be the exterior of the house. He has a 35ft Father Christmas that straddles the entrance of the house, along with countless decorations from ground level all the way up to the roof!

Whilst we are filming this episode Stan receives a phone call from the hospital where his wife is receiving treatment. I was blown away by the fact he was willing to facilitate us during this period. It's a testament to Stan's willingness and helpfulness, but the love for his family is also incredibly clear.

It was whilst filming this material I began to realise the scale of the project Stan undertook every year. As a visitor to the Grotto we walk around admiring the decorations and soaking in the atmosphere, though I don't think we truly appreciate the efforts that have been put in. Just lining the walls with snow and setting up the shelves to place the decorations on, it takes months for it all to come together. Stan tells us he even puts a new ring main in the room to cope with the power being consumed by all of the Christmas items.

His skills appear to be endless! There is a scene where he shows us a snowman which has a spinning bow tie and moving hat. This has been made by Stan himself, along with the majority of sets and multiple other items! It's incredible to see his abilities and creativity first hand.

We also learn that a national TV company has been in touch and are looking to feature him and his home in an item which will be aired on national TV. It's clear that Stan is in demand and even in the summer months people are getting in touch to book him for engagements. I was yet to see Stan in the red suit but there was still so much to be done at the house it almost slipped my mind!

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If you missed episode 1 : Transforming My House Into The Best Grotto In Liverpool, you can view it below!

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I grew up next door to stan/brian in that little black door at 39 Kremlin drive. those were the days. Sonic the hedgehog and Santa with lorane Kelly next door.

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