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The Grotto Is Open! Will People Show Up?

This is the penultimate episode of the series and everything Stan has been working towards since June is coming together. The house has been transformed into a grotto and the doors are set to open this evening! The big red suit is out and the demand for his presence is soaring!

Today we visit a charity event being held at Taskers DIY Superstore in Liverpool. Stan is to visit the store greeting families as he wanders through the aisles. All of the staff are in fancy dress and a raffle to raise money for charity has been organised.

Once this is complete, the plan is to head back to the house and open he Grotto for the first time. After months and months of setting up and organising, the opening night is a major moment! I suppose the big question is, will anyone show up?

I believe this material was shot very late in November and the beginning of December. Once the Grotto is open we follow Stan during the Lord Mayors Parade. This event was massive, with thousands of people lining the streets of Liverpool to catch a glimpse of the parade and Santa. This, along with a few other surprises are still to come on our final episode next week!

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