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Liverpool Santa On ITV Prime Time TV! The Most Famous Scouse Father Christmas? Ep 4

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Our Christmas themed Youtube Films continue this week with episode 4! In a break from our traditional wedding related content we have put together these films in the run up to Christmas!

I remember filming this episode back in 2004, it was a slightly intimidating day knowing that a professional film crew from national television were filming Stan.

At the time I was a Student and had just finished my first year of college, so having the opportunity to watch a real life film crew and observe how they went about their jobs at the time was massive for me.

The filming had been planned long in advance and the producers of the show had been to visit Stan or at least spoken with him in detail over the phone. I believe the day before shooting, Stan and Jimmy spent a lot of time helping to organise the production as they purchased additional decorations and supporting items which the production company wanted.

On the day of filming I wasn’t on site for the early part, but met the crew and Stan at the fire station where filming was long underway. After this they all return to his house for the climax of the film, where all the kids visit Santa in the grotto. I can't remember exactly which programme the item was shot for and I have haven’t been able to locate it in any archives which is a shame.

When editing this episode we came across an interview with Stan which is shot at the end of the filming process. I was in two minds whether to include this in the episode, however in the end decided I would as I feel it shows Stan's character.

He put a great deal of effort into helping this TV crew who were from a national channel and had a budget to make their film. Stan was used not only as talent, appearing as Father Christmas but also as a location. His home/grotto was used for the production plus in addition to this he helped organise the production, buying items and organising the fire station/engine decoration.

If he was just talent, appearing as Father Christmas giving maybe a few hours of his time then perhaps there would be very little to compensate him for. However, in my opinion as a film crew with a budget and expecting so much from one person to organise and provide the talent it was incredibly unfair that Stan wasn’t given money for his chosen charity or another form of gift as a way of thanks for his efforts!

I know Stan didn’t agree to get involved with the TV company for reward but when they showed no appreciation for his efforts in the form of a monetary donation and give all the Christmas decorations to the fire brigade, it's only natural that he would feel left out.

I decided to leave this interview in the film to demonstrate the efforts he goes through for people. There is a section where he describes helping on a feature film and again not getting paid. I was worried in case it came across as Stan expecting to be paid and being misinterpreted as his actions are done only for reward. However, this is far from the truth and I feel when you see and hear the efforts he has gone through and not to receive anything other than a thanks is wrong!

For this episode I also get the old camera which the film was shot on out of storage! In 2004 the camera I used was a Sony DSR 300 Broadcast Camera. This thing weighed around 14lb and is a professional broadcast camera. With the material being so old it is shot in 4.3 and not 16.9 which is why the picture appears square. The difference is noticeable when watching the new segments filmed with me cut next to the old material.

It was fantastic to pull the old camera out and I was very surprised when it powered up and even recorded! It’s fully functionally after so long being idle.

I hope you enjoy this episode and at this point we are now past the half way mark. We only have 2 more episodes to release!

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