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Lorraine Hull : Liverpool Celebrant

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

We get to meet so many amazing people at weddings, from couples and their friends and family, through to key staff who play such important roles at the venue. But one of the most important roles of your wedding day is trusted to the person who conducts your ceremony.

Lorraine Hull is a Liverpool Celebrant who we have had the absolute pleasure to work alongside and she was kind enough this week to sit down and give us an insight into the role she plays on a wedding day.

What is your role as a celebrant and how did you come about becoming a celebrant?

My role as a Celebrant is to enable couples to have a unique ceremony that reflects their personalities, their hopes and dreams, and their connection.

I help couples who don't want a 'one script for all' wedding, but are looking to have a bespoke ceremony, created just for them.  Couples who have prioritised their ceremony and don't want it to be remembered as the boring bit before the party.  The ceremony can still follow a traditional format, if that is what the couple wants, but it won't be using a conveyor-belt script that has been used at thousands of other weddings.