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We Need Your Help!

Sorry for the clickbait title, we do kind of need your help but I wouldn’t say it's as important as finishing the last episode of The Boys or cracking on with your island in Animal Crossing BUT, if you have 2 minutes to spare please give this blog your consideration. 

As things currently stand we have postponed over 200 weddings from 2020 to 2021 and beyond. This has left us with some spare time and loads of inactive cameras, microphones and lenses. This pandemic has had a huge impact on us all and we are grateful that we have been fortunate enough to continue with commercial and corporate work over the past 8 months. 

Although we have shot a few weddings over the past couple of months, it has been a small fraction compared to the usual amount we would normally cover. 

As many of you may know, we began our journey many years ago when we established Keyhole Productions. The aim of this business was to create corporate, commercial and broadcast work. We have been involved in productions all over the world from commercial items for Formula 1 team sponsors through to training videos on tail swings and overhangs on buses for Arriva

When we look at the upcoming 6 months of wedding bookings it's clear to us that we have capacity for more work, so this is where we are asking for your help! We wanted to shout about the commercial and corporate work we are able to do! From training videos, live streaming, aerial imagery, stills, talking heads, promotional items............ whatever your requirement, we have likely had some experience in the field. 

So please bear this in mind for your next Zoom meeting with your team and if there is a requirement for film and photo then let us know and we would happily take a look at what we could offer!

Some of the highlights of projects we have been involved in are featured in this short showreel below. 

We have spent a lot of time working in the Automotive Industry, content which was thoroughly enjoyable to create given our love for all things with 4 wheels. In particular we covered a lot of filming for Vertu Motors. There was a period of time where we were sent a car per week from different manufacturers to create content on, whilst the pinnacle of this period was being flown around the world from Paris, Geneva and even Monte Carlo for car launches and events. 

Another great body of work was created for Red Row Homes where we were tasked with working on content to promote their new homes. On this particular project we built mini rooms in the same dimensions as banner adverts for web sites - some square, some rectangle. These mini sets were constructed in a studio then actors played out different scenes resulting in a tag line similar to ‘need more space?’ 

Whilst one of the most exhilarating items we created alongside Lancashire Police was a terror related reconstruction which saw us turn a wing of a shopping centre in Blackburn into a bomb site. Using a team of extras and actors along with emergency services we created a dramatised item whereby a public space was victim to a terror attack. 

As music lovers we have thoroughly enjoyed working on two mainstream broadcast documentaries, one of which was broadcast on the BBC whilst the second on Sky Arts. Providing camera, sound, lighting and acting, as Director Of Photography these items I feel show the diversity of productions we are able to create. 

Having spoken to a number of friends who also work in the wedding industry, people have been affected in a much more devastating way. There are people who have built their business over many years only to have it all fall apart due to the Covid crisis. Its a real shame to witness and given there is no definitive timeframe for when we will all be able to get back to normal, many of these people have had to go and get alternative jobs. 

I really feel for these people and am so grateful that we have a number of elements to our business which allows us to continue as a team through this difficult period. 

Over the past 6 months, we have changed the way in which we work with some of us working from home for a period of time during lockdown. Our core team remained full time and working regular hours both at home and in the studio. Testament to their dedication, resilience and abilities, we have been able to turn our wedding team into commercial film makers and we want your help to build this side of our business for the coming months. 

Please spread the word and if there is anything related to film or photography for your place of work, WHO ARE YOU GOING TO CALL? (Sorry I watched Ghostbusters last night!) 

For more information about the corporate side of our business, visit us at

For more information on our wedding photography, film visit us at and for our wedding cars you can visit us at

Call us on 0151 708 7077 to arrange an appointment or car viewing.

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