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A Guide To The Liverpool Wedding Show January 2019

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Make no mistake in thinking the moment you step into the Liverpool Convention Centre for the wedding show you will overwhelmed with wedding related thoughts. There will be suppliers offering things you have never thought about, stalls with offerings you hadn't dreamed about, items you never knew existed.

You will get to about the second isle of the show and realise that you budget is already 50% over what you had agreed.

You will realise that there is no other way to arrive at your wedding other than helicopter.

You will realise that you need Garry Barlow to sing your first dance.

You will realise that you need two African elephants on the entrance of your venue to greet your guests.

You will realise that Lobster is the only dish acceptable for your guests.  

But don't let these gremlins overwhelm you, there are alternatives to Gary Barlow. African Elephants are going to make a lot of mess on the lawn of Thornton Manor! Not everyone likes Lobster, and helicopters ARE dangerous!

This is a guide on to what to expect and how to plan your weekend.

Firstly rule of approaching the show is - DONT FEEL PRESSURED TO BOOK ANYTHING ON THE DAY!

Pressured selling is never a good thing. Personlly I would avoid show deals and discounts.

Take your time! Visit all the stalls, take all of the leaflets. Go home and discuss what you like and dislike. Whittle your preferred suppliers down to 2 or 3. Then visit their web site, get a sense of their company and make a decision not in haste.

Second rule; take a carrier bag with you. In this bag place only the leaflets of suppliers you like! Those annoying or in appropriate sellers put in the free goody bag. Keep the leaflets you want to revisit separately.

Third Rule; Try to set a overall budget for your wedding before going to the show. Have you got £5000 or £50,000 for the day. If you have £5000 your not going to want to spend £3000 on photography. Don't be afraid of telling the exhibitors what you are expecting to spend on their service. Don't get me wrong they may not discount their package for you, but they maybe able to offer you something suitable. Or suggest a another supplier who is more suited to your financial situation.

Nobody is going to judge you on your budget. The industry is a very varied one, and we see all kinds of events. So just be honest and dont worry!

Fourth Rule; Wear conformable shoes. Take your time at the show, make sure you look at all of the isles. It's going to be a long day so brace your partner for the day!

Fifth Rule; Visit the catwalk. This is a great opportunity to see a wide selections of outfits available. From suites, wedding dress, mother of the bride ours fits and garments for the kids. It will also give you an idea of some of the suppliers, plus a chance to sit down for 30 minutes!

The main advice i can give you for attending a big show like the Liverpool Wedding Show is use it as a learning curve. Take in all the information, dont panic at the cost of things or the amount of planning that is going to be needed. The journey of planning a wedding is an enjoyable one, so dont get overwhelmed.

Above all be realistic with what you both want for the day, the sky is the limit when planning a wedding, but you dont need all this Jazz! A wedding is about the love you both share and no matter how dollar you spend on it the day will be amazing.

Rule Six; Come and visit Keyhole Studios and Keyhole Motors!

Have a great weekend and we hope you meet you.

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