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Drama At The Liverpool Wedding Show

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

The preparation for the Liverpool Wedding Show for us starts weeks before the actual event. The January show comes at a interesting time as we are out of season so there arnt that many weddings happing right now. Meaning a lot of our energy can be pumped into the show.

This year we decided to create a film of our preparation and time at the event. We have made many films in the past for Bliss Wedding Shows, showcasing the event. However this year we wanted to create something for us.

A item that would be far different from the traditional, something that would reflect our film making ability.

The film was tasked to our lead film makers Jordan and Kallum, and the brief was engaging, showcase, drama.

Simple but potentially difficult to do with content that could be quite mundane.

The film begins in our studio with a dramatic sequence of the Aston Martin DB9 being started. We are then introduced to the Keyhole Motors convoy of vehicles rumbling along the road en route to the Exhibition Centre.

From here we see the show being set up, folk lift trucks and flight cases. Its quite surprising when you walk into the Exhibition Centre at 8.30am on the Friday before the event. You would hardly recognise the space compared to what it is 8.30am on the Saturday. A Barron environment, cold and overwhelmingly vast.

The film then introduces a bride a groom. For this sequence we used models. Jovie and Eugene were kind enough to offer their services and we made them husband and wife to be for the day. (I hope their actual partners haven’t seen the film)

We used models so we had complete control over the action. In the past we have document the show using people visiting, however a lot of people feel uncomfortable infront of camera. Especially when we are getting them to try on suites and dresses!

We then conclude with dynamic shots of the amazing cat walk that is organised by Bliss Wedding Shows.

This catwalk gets better every year, the models are very talented and the choreography is brilliant.

If you haven’t seen the film yet take a look below;

We are wedding film makers and photographers, this is what we do! This item shows we can tell a story and create a film. Although quite dramatic and probably not the right tone for a wedding film, its displays what can be done.

The film was shot and edited for the end of Saturday, so we were able to push it out in time for the Sunday of the Liverpool Wedding Show. Jordan and Kalum did very well with this turn around, having to work exceptionally hard to edit on site and shoot concisely.

It was a pleasure to be apart of the event again this year, every year the show gets bigger and better.

There is nothing more satisfying than meeting hundreds of couples who are getting married, speaking with them about their plans and hearing their journey.

The wedding industry is growing year upon year and for us who have been at events such as this for over a decade, its really interesting to see the changes that have happened and which are upon us.

We have built our business on quality and service, we believe in what we create and the people we create it for.

Attending shows like the Liverpool Wedding Show reaffirms that the wedding photography and film we created has such an importance for the families we create it for. Creating images that will last a life time and be passed on from generation to generation.

Theres nothing more satisfying then seeing couples who’s weddings we have shot in the past, attending wedding shows such as this with family and friends who are just setting out on their own wedding journey.

We hope you enjoy the film and attending the show! If there is anything we can help with when it comes to your wedding photography and film or wedding car hire please don’t hesitate to let us know!


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