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Choosing a wedding photographer is a tough decision! The cost of your photographer is generally one of the biggest costs after your venue and catering. With prices ranging from £300 – £6000 how do you begin to make sense of it all.

Here is some honest advice that will hopefully make it a little easier…. Photography is a hobby, as is motorsports. Kris McDonald one of our lead photographers is an avid motorsport fan. He goes karting on a regular basis, and even has a sports car. Does that mean that Kris would compete on a competitive level in motorsports, NO. He’s not good enough, doesn’t have enough experience, isn’t professional. This is the same for wedding photographers, choose a photographer who is professional. Make sure it is their full time occupation. Your photographer needs to be a registered business, with proper insurance and a place they operate from.

Lets face it, Mclaren, Redbull, Mercedes are never going to call our office to offer Kris a position, so why would you call a part time hobbyist to shoot the most important day of your life…?

Will your photographer give you all the images they shoot on the day? On average we will shoot 1300 frames on a full day wedding. After editing between 700 and 1000 of these frames, they are printed and handed to our clients. Some of these pictures are snaps, however they are memories of your day. Still images that capture a moment in time that will infuse memory when looking over them in years to come. Do you really want a package that limits the number of images you get? To add to this we give you printing rights, so if you want to get additional prints made, create your own album, share on the internet you can! This is important, make sure you have copyrights to your images, after all they are pictures of you and your guests at your wedding, and your paying for them to be taken!

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