Winter Weddings

It’s that time of the year again where we have to adopt the yearly ritual of getting out the ice scraper and de icer every morning before work, get the big coat on, the gloves and hats are out and the hot water bottle is back in action. Winter is here!

Depending on your preference, this may be the most picturesque and exciting time of year or if you are like me, it is the season of the flu, slipping on the ice, having to attend parties that you don’t really want to go to and chapped lips. Of course I’m only joking, everyone loves winter!

Thornton Manor

So when it comes to a winter wedding, would you be brave enough to embrace the chill and say your vows with ice on the ground? One of the main attractions to a winter wedding i would suggest is the fact you have a much stronger sense of certainty as what to expect from the weather. This can be a massive attraction,  if like me you wanted a summer wedding, birds chirping, sun cracking the flags, blue skies and candy floss clouds but in reality it ends up raining, it can be a massive disappointment. With winter, you know ( to an extent ) what you are going to get.

Soughton Hall

Let’s set the scene – a lovely venue, logs on the fire, windows all steamed up and Christmas decorations peppering the view. It certainly does have a sense of warmth about the occasion. Let’s not forget the amazing wedding photographs you can also get from a winter wedding.

There are a couple of weddings i remember that particularly stand out. Many years ago we shot a lovely couples wedding at the Isla Gladstone in Liverpool. The ceremony was in the venue and the snow began to fall. This left a clean layer of snow all around the venue, giving us the opportunity to capture some lovely photographs. In the evening we took the Bride & Groom to the band stand and shot what has become a signature shot at the venue.

Isla Gladstone

It is however quite rare to get a clean layer of thick snow. There have been many occasions though where we have shot using the frozen landscape. A particular couple got married at the Bluecoat Chambers and the ice and snow was beginning to clear. We took them to an industrial, decayed part of the city and shot some rather vibrant images.

I love a winter wedding and the photographs you can capture is amazing. In many ways, shooting in the winter is easier given the light is usually more forgiving and it gets darker much quicker which allows us to use artificial lighting. The best bit of advice i can give you if you are having a winter wedding is to buy some umbrellas. You can pick up some aesthetically pleasing ones on Amazon for a few pound. Bring some sensible shoes along with you for the day as more often than not your dress will cover your shoes . It will make walking through the snow or ice much easier. Wear a shawl or something you can add to your outfit for outdoor shots whilst keeping you warm.

Above all, embrace the British weather. It’s the one thing you cannot foresee or pre arrange for your wedding so you are in the hands of God…….and your wedding photographer of course who will capture some amazing images!

 St Georges Hall

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