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We get to visit the majority of wedding venues in the Northwest, so we get to know the good, the bad and ugly locations.

There are a lot of elements that can leave room for improvement when it comes to a venue, and sometimes as people strive for perfection on their big day they can be let down.

In my opinion one of the most important traits for a venue is that of their staff. If you have a wedding coming up, you will most likely be dealing with some sort of manager who will likely have no presence on your big day.

It’s quite often the operational staff or in some cases, outside caterers that will be dealing with you and your guests throughout the day. This is a question i would always ask when booking – who is looking after you on the day?

As i have said in the past, a wedding is all about the atmosphere and it doesn’t matter if you have the event in your back garden or in a country manor. Staff are crucial to making your day special, as they set the tone for the day, making people feel special and ensuring everything runs to your plans.

Its unfair to highlight any venues or external caterers but having shot many weddings in 30 James Street i wanted to highlight two members of their team that are outstanding!


Charlie is a fresh faced manager who will guide you through your day ensuring everything is happening the way in which you envisaged it.

We get to work with a lot of venue managers, some of whom have been in the hospitality industry for 30+ years, but i haven’t yet come across a person who is as friendly, professional and hard working as Charlie. He is a credit to 30 James Street and if you have a wedding booked there, you are in good hands!

To further extend the service we often see a toastmaster at the venue called Mike Culleton. I don’t think Mike is exclusive to 30 James Street, but he is brilliant at what he does.

Mike Culleton


You will always see him in full toastmaster attire, he organises your suppliers, such as us the photographers and many others. He helps usher the guests and keeps the groom and groomsmen in check prior to the ceremony.

But most importantly of all he keeps the day ticking over. He introduces all of the key events along the day and ensures everyone knows what is happening and where they need to be.

Between Mike and Charlie they make a perfect team, and it is a real pleasure to work at 30 James Street when these two are at the helm.

30 James Street

There are many venues across the city and i dont think its fair to highlight one particular one, that wasn’t my intention with this blog. Its about the people, and this is what is so important in my eyes on a wedding day. Good people make for great staff and great staff make for a amazing wedding.

30 James Street

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