The Liverpool Wedding Show – All You Need To Know

This weekend sees the return of the largest wedding show our wonderful city has to offer.

It’s a great opportunity for newly engaged couples to come along and get a sense of what’s available for your big day.

What is unique about this show is that a massive amount of services are all on show under one roof. It gives you the chance to compare and get a sense of what is on offer. No doubt there will be items that you had never considered previously and your budget will start to form.

For people closer to their big day it is also a great chance to book last minute options such as things that aren’t essential but would make a nice finishing touch.

Liverpool Wedding Show

So the things to consider………..

You have to pay to get in. Don’t let this put you off as it is well worth the money. You get a goody bag and it has some lavish goodies in there to make the journey worthwhile. Use this goody bag to put the literature of the companies you like in. Personally, i would create two sides to the bag – A goody one and a baddy one! Put the suppliers you have a good feeling about on one side and the not so good on the other side.

When you are walking around the show you are bound to hear the words “when’s your wedding date”. When you respond the chances are you will hear “WOW!! Your leaving it late!!” Whether your wedding is 2020 or 2018, don’t panic. Take your time and don’t feel pressured by any sales patter. For a lot of suppliers, sales on the day are less common than you may think, so take your time in finding the best supplier for you.

Liverpool Wedding Show

Be realistic when your viewing what is on offer. You will have an idea of your budget, so stick to this. If you see something you like but it’s out of budget, still gather the information as maybe it can be replicated at a cheaper cost.

There are catwalk shows throughout the day. Make sure you go and visit this as it’s a great way of getting dress, suit and attire ideas. Plus it gives you the chance to sit down for 20 minutes and rest those feet!

Liverpool Wedding Show

Consider who you are taking to the show. Generally i would recommend setting aside a couple of hours for the wedding show. You want to take your time and get value for money, so go with a partner/friend/family member who will be willing to see it through.

Create a list of key items you want to source. For instance, if you are at the start of your wedding plans, you may just want to look at wedding venues, photographers, dresses and rings. This would be different for someone who has already booked their venue and their focus may be more tailored towards the finer details of the day such as favours and wedding invites etc

Most importantly, have a good time! Grab a glass of Prosecco and enjoy the day.

Liverpool Wedding Show

We have a feature stand at The Liverpool Wedding Show, you can’t really miss us. We will have our 2 Bond cars in the lobby, Our Aston Martin DB9 and Land Rover Defender. As you come through the main doors you will be greeted by a selection of wedding cars we have to offer. Behind the wedding cars we have our wedding photography and film display along with a selection of accessories we have to offer.

Make sure you pop by and say hi, we may even have some ice cream you can sample!

Have a great weekend!

Liverpool Wedding Show


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