Singing Waiters at your Wedding

When it comes to booking entertainment for your wedding, there are so many options available to you such as bands, string quartets, fire jugglers, owls that can fly down the aisle, ice cream tricycles and you can even get the Red Arrows to do a fly over! The decision is yours and the main challenge is getting entertainment that suits the tone of your big day.

We are very fortunate that we we get to see so many forms of entertainment on weddings and this blog is all about one of our favourites!

Let me set the scene – The wedding is in full swing, food has been served and the speeches are out of the way. In fact, the only thing left on the grooms mind is that dreaded first dance. It’s that time of the day where everyone has probably eaten a little too much or had one glass of fizz too many and the entire wedding party are feeling the need for a bit of a siesta. However, it is a wedding day so there is no time for a little snooze!!

As the main course is being cleared, a clumsy waiter walking back to the kitchen drops a tray and it’s contents come crashing to the floor in the loudest and most cumbersome way possible. The waiter is now on all fours looking embarrassed and scurrying to collect the items he has dropped.  From the kitchen appears the manager, face red with anger, the frustration of seeing such a fool fall on his watch is bubbling over. He has no option but to sack this idiot on the spot and in front of all the guests, reaffirming his militant position within the catering empire.

This is all going on in front of the guests who believe these two bickering fools are spoiling YOUR wedding day and are unaware the 2 members of staff have microphones in their back pockets and are about to give them the most entertaining of surprises. As the now jobless waiter storms out of the building, music comes bellowing around the room and the two bickering staff come bouncing back into the room singing some massively catchy tune.

What i like so much about the singing waiters is the fact it gets everyone’s attention. It becomes one of the main talking points of the evening and adds a bit of theatre to the proceedings.  I believe there are different levels of intensity available from the pair and you can choose how subtle their antics are.

Here is a little film we created whilst at a wedding with Marcus and Nathan. This will give you a sense of how good the pair are and how the guests really embrace the performance.

If you are considering entertainment for your wedding, i would most definitely speak to these chaps. They have a range of services available and can even do a duo performance in the evening.

They offer much more than i can tell you about, so check them out at


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