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Built-in support for Microsoft Office document markup. You can use Office’s native “Save as” tool to create special file formats, such as MS Word tables, that AutoCAD can read and display.New support for EPS vector formats. AutoCAD 2023 supports natively EPS 10 and EPS 11, for use in many application.New Export Formats:Save drawings in five new 3D file formats: fbx, stl, svf, prc, and vrml.Export drawings as DWF, DXF, and PDF files.Save drawings as UDL (UGLX or UDLX) in addition to AutoCAD 3D files.Add or change a part’s designation on a separate DWG file.The command lets you select from a list of selected features with different levels of priority.New Functions:Compute: Displays a 2D or 3D plot of a selected set of vertices.Create 3D Mesh: Creates a 3D mesh from an existing AutoCAD drawing.Extract: Move and cut, as in Move and Cut tool.PolarSnap: Detects the nearest point to any point on the plane of a circle.ScenFreeze: Create a static 3D drawing.Sketch: Draw a line, create a polyline, or do a freehand sketch.ImportsCanvas: Use a wireframe style drawing canvas.Arrowheads: Display additional arrowheads to denote the start and end of lines.Uniform: Make all part, text, and annotation objects the same.Multiple: Create a number of drawings at the same time.Visibility: Removes visibility lines for parts, layers, and annotations.Animation: Perform animations on a drawing.Printing: Generate 3D PDF, TIFF, and DXF files for printing.Shading: Hide shading and color gradients to improve drawing readability.AnimationPlay or record animations on the fly.Create time-lapse animations with a minute-long video loop at the beginning and end.Play in a canvas or 3D scene.Create animated storyboards for presentations or for export to video or 2be273e24d

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