What you need to know as Maid of Honour!

Updated: Sep 1

There are so many people that play such an important role in your wedding day. For us Groom's, we rely on our Best Man & Ushers to keep our nerves in check and help us portray a nice calm figure throughout the day. For Brides, they enlist Bridesmaids who are with them from first light, all the way through to the evening. Head of this band of glorious Bridesmaids is the Maid of Honour. They will be there to oversee everything for the Bride & Bridesmaids, from Bridal Prep until the early hours of the very next morning and ensuring guests find their rooms or taxi's. So how important a role is it? We asked Eugene's Maid of Honour Jasmine some questions about the role and what it entailed.

How were you asked to be Maid of Honour and what were your initial thoughts? 

Eug wrote me a really sweet letter of all the memories we’ve had together and asked me to be her Maid of Honour at the end of it. I was overwhelmed and of course, totally excited and honoured!

Did you have any concept of what is expected from a Maid of Honour? 

Due to the couple being in the wedding industry themselves, finding suppliers for them was quite easy. Eug is quite strong minded and decisive so making decisions was not too difficult for her. The most important thing was to be honest and reassure her all along the way.

If you have never been married before and you are asked to be a MoH, where do you start, how do you know what to do? 

We went to several wedding shows such as The North West Wedding Show and The National Wedding Show. We also looked online for inspiration and went from there!

Do the movies provide any inspiration? Are films like Bridesmaids and Bride Wars worth watching first or do they not provide any real relevance? 

Absolutely not! lol

Can you give us a sense of what your duties entailed? 

There was a surprise helicopter trip planned with the HeliCentre to take us to the ceremony and I was the only one who knew about this. I had to make sure she was ready in time to go, which was earlier than what she expected.

Being by her side throughout the day and making sure she was hydrated during such a hectic event was important.

Planning a hen do sounds like a mammoth task, where do you begin in choosing the destination/activity and co-ordinating the attendees? 

Knowing the Bride well is a good start! I asked for a list of close and love ones she would like there. We started with an escape room and followed that with an intimate lunch with the Bridemaids.

Eug likes shooting, so we were all dressed as farmers and went clay pigeon shooting with the rest of the girls and ended the evening with a 3 course meal at Marco Pierre and a night out in Liverpool.

How can you remain supportive but truthful? For instance getting involved with big decisions such as the dress or colour schemes? 

This was quite easy as we are both very transparent with each other and I felt I could be honest with all her decisions.

When it comes to the day of the wedding what is a MoH to expect, how is their role any different to that of a bridesmaid? 

I followed her round all day making sure she had everything she needed, fixing her veil and passing any important information to key suppliers during the day.

Whats the best bit of advice you can give to a MoH in waiting? 

Be your Bride’s side kick, through the difficult decisions to the fun planning. Most of all, enjoy the day yourself!

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