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Weddings & Covid-19 : Keyhole Studios Wedding Photography & Film

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

This week we began the process of getting back to normality! 

For the first time in three months our phone system was turned back on, meaning when you call us you didn’t reach one of us sat in our house drinking a bottle Bishops Finger, playing Animal Crossing or watching F1 re runs. (I’ll let you guess which members of the team each of the former applies to!) But someone in our office, sat at a desk with all of our systems and equipment on hand! 

We have also been making changes to our building so we can accept viewings and meetings. Our first car viewing in three months took place this week and we were delighted when Billy and Kerry turned up and followed all of our carefully planned social distancing measures. 

On arrival we have a hand sanitising station, plus the option of masks if the visitor has a preference. From there, our open plan studio has no doors and the main door into the building along with the entrance gate are all automatic. 

The cars are sanitised before every viewing and a local company called The Wray Bros supplied us with some fantastic anti viral equipment, which is being used all over the building. 

Our cleaner conducted a deep clean and I must say I have never seen the place sparkle so much! The smell too! I have no idea how she has managed to get a room full of wedding cars to smell like a bed of lavender….. 

If clients are coming to view wedding albums we have a special station set up. Hand sanitiser or gloves are available so clients can touch and turn the pages of the wedding albums, which again are sanitised before every visit. Plus there is a screen in position so we can talk you through each page turn. 

All of our paper work and payments are now done digitally, so you will be sent documentation or details once the booking is confirmed. Although we have put a lot of effort into making the new system work, we are always looking to improve so if you have any suggestions please let us know! 

Throughout the lockdown period Kalum our senior editor has been working from the office. It would have been impossible for him to work from home as he would have needed to take over his front room or kitchen to fit it all of the equipment in! Not to mention he lives local so could walk to work every day and beaver away in isolation. 

I must commend Kalum's dedication and focus during the time, to spend so long working alone day after day is amazing. He’s done a brilliant job and his efforts have been superb! 

Everybody knows Ste, or at least they know him as ’the guy with the cap’. Ste has been working from home the past 3 months. It seems like a lifetime ago that we packed his desk up at our office and set him up in his house. I remember running cables from the Mac Pro to a printer and monitor saying ’shouldn’t be too long!’ 

Ste does a fantastic job working with all our brides and grooms, always has, however in these challenging times he has been able to assist with and move over 200 weddings to new dates. This is a mammoth task, logistically, financially and has taken a great deal of focus, determination and communication. 

On top of this and most importantly his wife works for the NHS and has worked throughout the pandemic fearlessly with patients who need care. I find it incredible that there are so many people just like Ste’s wife who go out everyday and do what they do best, despite concerns for their own wellbeing. Its fantastic to see a couple like this who can support each other through challenging times and continue to do so. I say well done guys, and thanks to all those front line workers and families of those workers who have and continue to work to save lives! 

A special mention for Dave, Charlie and our drivers whose support has been massively appreciated over these past few months. We are a small family run business and like so many others this pandemic has hit hard. That said, with the support and efforts from our wonderful team and above all the fantastic customers, we are getting back on our feet and looking forward to doing what we do best once again! 

Our customers have been fantastic, rearranging a wedding is super stressful, especially if you have already done it once only to have to go back on everything and amend it. We have been overwhelmed by the approach and attitude of the majority of our customers. There has been an overwhelming sense of togetherness and willingness to work with each other in getting the show back on the road.

It really has made us all realise why we do what we do, its working with couples on their most special of days and capturing memories that will be passed on from generation to generation. Its always an honour to be a part of someones wedding, but its been some of the conversations that we have had with couples that is testament to the good nature and love that exists amongst so many of us! 

Thanks to all of our clients and wonderful team, and here is to re opening our doors, firing up our wedding cars, clicking the shutters of our cameras and making the most of 2020! 

If you didn't get a chance to read last weeks blog which was about Liverpool Celebrant Lorraine Hull, you can read it by clicking here.

For wedding photography and film enquiries, visit us here or call us on 0151 708 7077. You can watch a short film about us by clicking here.

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