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The Modern Way To Invite Guests To Your Wedding!

You need to get a wedding website! 

I have only ever been to 1 wedding as guest and i'm not too sure if that’s because all of my friends hate me or if it's because i’m a wedding photographer and I love shooting weddings. Either way, I got invited to my second ever wedding as a guest recently. Well, I will be a semi guest as I am shooting part of the day and then leaving the rest to my trusted colleagues. 

Although I may have only been a guest at a very limited number of weddings, I have attended and photographed thousands of them so I thought I knew all of the cool and innovative trends that exist. 

However, I was wrong! 

For my new semi wedding invite I received a lovely physical invitation. Wedding invitations are stunning and some of the creative ideas people like By Invitationly and the The Paper Doll create are top drawer!