A Very British Matching Couple - The Perfect Wedding Cars!

Updated: Sep 1

There are certain vehicles that become legends of history. Designs that will sit in automotive heavenly sky forever. Designs such as the classic Mini, the classic Fiat 500, the classic Porsche 911 the classic Cobra....  I could keep going and going..... my point is all of these vehicles start with the word CLASSIC, and at the very top of the pile (in my opinion) is the classic Landrover Defender.  Landrover stopped making the Defender in 2015 and as such the standard Landrover Defender became the Classic Landrover Defender. So there was only one thing for it..... we bought one. 

Perhaps not the first car you think of when your considering wedding cars. So i am going to justify and explain why we spent so much money on a classic Landrover Defender that is perfect for brides and grooms to travel in on their wedding day.  First of all lets consider this British weather we have to deal with. Whether its gale force winds, blizzards, rain, ploughing through snow and ice....... so whether you are heading to Peckforton Castle, or somewhere closer to home like Knowsley Hall, the Landrover Defender gets you there on time every time.

Ok, so maybe we haven't convinced you yet. The actual reason we bought this car is that we already have a very popular wedding car which is British and that is our Aston Martin. Now the Aston can only really carry 2 passengers, so the Defender being a 7 seater makes for a perfect companion. 

These two cars also have a famous spy connection in the form of James Bond. You all know that Bonds chosen vehicle is an Aston Martin, plus you will also notice the Landrover Defender appearing on screen with the agent in multiple films. 

They seem like a perfect pair and when together they look menacing and quite impressive. They are definitely worth coming to our Huyton showroom to take a look at.

With the ability to carry the bride and groom plus bridal party these vehicles are a great matching pair and ideal for your wedding.  For more information on our wedding cars, you can visit us here or call us on 0151 708 7077.

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