Photobooths, what’s available?

Photobooths have been about for a few years now and they have become VERY popular.
But as with most things when it comes to a wedding, there are many different types of booth you can choose from.

So, here is our advice on what’s available….

There are a couple of manufacturers of Booths that lead the way in producing quality automated booths. Believe it or not there are some people who try to make a booth themselves and basically erect a marquee from Asda and their beautiful assistants are sat inside releasing the shutter of a £150 camera from cash converters. So tip number one, make sure your booth is fully automated and erected with a proper structure, not something you can buy in Asda.

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The most common booth will be an oval or rectangle structure whereby around a maximum of 6 guests can go inside, close the curtain and use a touch screen to take photographs. These are usually available in a combination of different colours as the skins of the booths are interchangeable. So you may have a white one, black one, one that looks like a VW camper van etc etc.

There are then options to these booths, some will have a standard curtain as a backdrop for the images. Others will have a green curtain which allows your guests to select which superimposed background they would like. This is great if you have a theme to your wedding such as Hollywood and you can get the famous Hollywood Hills as the backdrop to all of your images.
Our only advice with this is choose you backgrounds well, as some of the superimposed backgrounds can look a little cheap.

Another option with these booths are for your guests to record video messages. This is a really nice addition, especially if you dont have a wedding videographer. However, a few pointers to consider are if the booth is in the same room as you DJ or Band the messages won’t be great as the sound will be compromised by the loud atmosphere.
The later the night gets, the drunker your guests get, the more explicit your messages become.
Our advise for this option would be if you do have a videographer, get them to record personal messages. This way they will be a lot more concise, targeted and edited.

You can get inflatable Photobooths. These look a little like an igloo, your guests walk inside and use a free standing machine within the inflatable structure to take photographs. Generally these booths take up more space within your venue, and look a lot more imposing. They do work however, and are generally cheaper to hire than the oval or rectangle booths as they are cheaper to purchase and much quicker to erect.
They will function the same as the above booths, with a very similar touch screen to trigger the photographs.

Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror/Magic Mirror

These are the coolest kid on the block, the technology is relatively new and as such these are very popular at the moment. There is a couple of manufacturers of these devices they all work in a similar way.

The mirror is quite a large structure that will be sat in a flight case. A frame is mounted to the front of the case to make it look more aesthetic. Your guests stand in front of the mirror and the touch screen is integrated into the mirror glass so they touch it to trigger.

What is good about these mirrors is the images are quite customisable. Your guests can use the large mirror screen to write their names, draw, add emoticons etc.
These are usually priced at a similar cost to the oval and rectangle booths.

The downside to them is generally they are placed in the open, so where as a booth your guests are concealed from prying eyes, with this they are wide open for all your guests to see. This can lead to more conservative poses.

Click here to view our Photo Booth promotional film which will give you an idea of how much fun they can be!


Other things to consider;

Guest book – All photobooths should print a copy for your guests and a copy for a guest book. The operator should stick this copy in the supplied book and get your guests to leave a message. This way you have an alternative guests book, and a record of your evening. Some companies charge extra for these books, some don’t. Always check!

Extra Prints – Some companies charge your guests for extra prints on the night, some do Keyrings, some do large format prints. Just check with your supplier to see what the situation would be if 6 guests use the booth and only 2 prints are given. How do they get extra prints and do you have to pay for them?

Props – All booths should come with a props box, this is pretty standard. Be aware of companies trying to charge you for props hire. This should be incorporated into the cost.

Hourly Hire – For a wedding 3 hours hire is about right. Just check how strict these timescales are, so if the hire period ends, but you have a queue of guests do they get turned away?

Images on a disc – You should get a copy of all the images taken on the night. This can be given to you on the night or sent over digitally in the days following your wedding.

If you would like any further advice on Photobooths please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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