Lights out and away we go! The Wedding Season

So the wedding season has began for us at Keyhole.

What used to start in May and end in September, the wedding season has somewhat inflated for us.

We have weddings all year round now, historically a wedding on a Friday would be classed as an ‘off’ day, however as an example last week we shot weddings on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Liverpool Maritime Museum

There are obvious benefits to getting married mid week and a lot of the venues will do discounts. So your budget may allow you to get married in the venue of your dreams on a Tuesday, compared to your 3rd or 4th choice on a Saturday.  I suppose the main concern for a mid week wedding may be that your all of your guests may not be able to attend. That said, you are giving them 12 months plus notice so they will be able to make arrangements to ensure they are part of the day.

I think it’s a great idea getting married mid week as weddings are very costly and if you can reduce the overall costs to align with your budget, and get all of the services and locations you desire then why not!

It is overwhelming to think how many weddings take place over a weekend, you only have to drive through Liverpool City Centre of a Saturday evening and look at all of the weddings venues. The majority of them will have a wedding taking place and most likely one lined up the following day.

Peckforton Castle

When i look at our schedule for this year it’s amazing to see so many photography and film jobs booked.
It then makes sense as to why Friday is now classed as normal day for a wedding, plus a Sunday again is no more unusual than a Friday.

In preparation for our new wedding season we have already settled into our new studio, we have two new members of the team who have been in training for nearly 6 months now. The pair will be working on our editing in order to reduce our turn around time. Plus we have a load of new equipment, new cameras, lens, toys and wedding cars!

We will be posting some photographs of our latest wedding car very soon, we are waiting for it to be returned from the workshop as i type this.

So its official – the busy wedding season has begun and we are incredibly excited about working with all of our 2017 Brides and Grooms!

Happy planning folks and we will see you on the big day!

Formby Hall

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