It’s A Kind of Magic!

When it comes to entertaining your guests at the wedding there are endless amounts of options. Some are more magical than others, and shooting so many weddings in the Northwest we get to see a wide range of the good, the bad and the ugly suppliers.

So when we come across an exceptional one it’s always nice to have a chat.

Recently we met a magician called Spencer Lynch. I am a bit of a sceptic when it comes to magic. I don’t believe in Aliens, I know Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny are fakes and David Blaine winds me up! That said, i was completely fascinated by the tricks i seen Spencer do as they were so captivating and engaging.

Spencer Lynch - Magician


It’s a lovely touch at a wedding to add something different to keep your guests entertained and this magic is a great way to leave a lasting talking point.

We recently had a launch party for our new building and Spencer kindly agreed to come along and perform. Two weeks later and friends and family are still talking about what he did and how cool it was.

Spencer Lynch - Magician Spencer Lynch - Magician

Ive also seen a lot of magicians on the wedding circuit and some of them are a little ‘old school’, a little dull. When it comes to choosing any supplier for your wedding i would always advise to take your time and meet them in person.

We have spent an evening with Spencer and created a short showreel of some of the tricks he performs. Take a look and get a sense of the magic for yourself by clicking here to view his film or visit his website by clicking here

If you are considering some daytime or evening entertainment then i would certainly recommend taking a look at what Spencer can offer!

Spencer Lynch - Magician Spencer Lynch - Magician Spencer Lynch - Magician

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