I Hope It’s Sunny On My Wedding Day!

Weather! Its the one thing you can’t book on your big day and it is the BE ALL and END ALL of your day being the best wedding day ever! Nah!!!!
Here are my thoughts on the weather and weddings.
Yes it’s mega if the sun is cracking the flags and it’s also mega if the ground is covered in 50ft of snow! It’s also mega if the clouds are out and it’s mega too when it’s raining because the rain will break and you will get outside for some shots.
Having shot so many weddings i have come to realise that it really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing on your day.
You can’t change it so why worry about it?
St Georges Hall
 It’s easy to say that when it’s not your big day i know, but if i think back to my wedding day we did want our ceremony outdoors and come the morning of the wedding it was grey and a little windy. We decided against the outdoors and instead opted for the sanctuary of the air-conditioned function suite.
I must admit, in the morning i was disappointed that the world had let me and my future wife down, we don’t ask for much from the world and when all you ask for is a heatwave on your big day and it doesn’t deliver, yes it’s flipping annoying.
That said, come the ceremony the last thing on your mind is the fact you could have been outside and after the wedding you don’t even think about it. The weather becomes a minor detail to the amazing act you and your partner have achieved.
Soughton Hall
Put it this way, can i remember the colour and cartoon characters that were sprawled over my uncles bad tie at the wedding…..? Nope! The weather on the day becomes as insignificant as that 1990’s creased South Park tie!
So why not book your wedding in July or August and you will be guaranteed nice weather! WRONG! It’s just as hit and miss in the summer as it is in the Spring.
Thornton Manor
During your pre wedding arrangements it’s easy to get caught up in making the event as special as you can. After the wedding it’s a lot easier to realise that although you have put so much effort into the day, so much planning and so much expense, in reality the day boils down to one thing, a celebration of the love you and your partner share.
This love is bigger than a bit of rain, wind or a bad South Park tie! These become minor things in the bigger picture and you are guaranteed to have a great day come rain or shine.
I would always advise buying a couple of nice photo ready umbrellas if you have the opportunity. We always carry umbrellas,  however they are large golf style brollies. You may want to purchase something a little more fitting to your theme.
We have even seen brides buy wellies that match their theme so in the case of bad weather, we can lift the dress up and get outside without ruining those Jimmy Choos.
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