Aintree Coach Hire – Liverpool Wedding Show Highlights

In the second addition to our highlights of the Liverpool Wedding Show we want to touch on a service that we get asked for all of the time. It’s an offering that is truly iconic and if we had the space, and could drive a bus we would jump at the chance of owning one.
A London Bus to ferry your Wedding guests is a great idea, and really brings that something special to your big day. We see these quite frequently at weddings, and it never ceases to impress. The bus is an AEC Routemaster and they are authentic London vehicles.
Aintree Coach hire have three of these vehicles, as well as an army of traditional coaches and buses.
If your wedding is at a church then these wedding buses are the perfect fit to transport your guests from the church to the venue. However, we have also seen them used to transport guests from a central location to a venue for a civil ceremony.
When shooting Wedding photography and film, the Routemaster creates a vibrant and textured prop that can be used to create some lovely photographs. The front of the vehicle makes for an imposing couple shot with bride and groom, whilst for the more adventurous groom,  he can climb into the cab and have the bride at the foot of the vehicle. There is then the rear door that has a hand in capturing the scale of the vehicle, colour and bride and groom.
Once onboard the sense of heritage continues and the textures really lend themselves to the Wedding photography. I have even seen guests being handed drinks upon boarding, just to get them warmed up for the journey. That said i dont know if this is something Aintree Coachline offer.
What i do know is we see this company at plenty of wedding shows and events, so if your considering a London Bus, these are the company to approach.

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