Adrian & his Investors – Keyhole goes Large!

The wedding season is now drawing to a close and undoubtably August and September are the busiest months for us and we are now flat out working on the edits. Last weekend saw the first weekend of the year I can remember where we had no film or photo jobs on. It gave me and my wife some time to catch up with a group of friends and we all went for a meal.

One of our friends Adrian, asked how has business had been and I began to recap the year. It’s been an incredible year for Keyhole and we have covered a vast amount of weddings this year and travelled all over the country. However, we have also seen a shift in the industry,  with wedding shows being the biggest area of change along with a lot of start up businesses joining the industry. Now, I am all for change and I continued to explain how these areas of change have lead to adjustments within our company. Adrian is now on his 2nd funky looking Mexican beer with a lime fizzing away. I’m not too sure if he’s starting to regret asking that one simple question 40 minutes ago, but I continue regardless.

I began to tell him of a funny story that was overheard at a recent wedding show we attended. It was said by a peer that ‘Keyhole should stick to what they know and stop trying to take over the world.’ The conversation gets better when they start to explain ‘how they have got investment from China and that’s how they are doing what they do!’ This definitely drew Adrian’s attention and he found it as comical as me and the rest of the Keyhole Team.

It made me reflect on what we have achieved over the time we have been operating and how we have grown. It led to a conversations on people’s perception of us and it was quite interesting to think that some people believe the only way a business can grow is by getting a hand out in some form, or secret investors who pump money into the concern.

So to clarify to the chap in the lift, unfortunately we dont have Chinese investors, Mexican Beer is very nice with a lime and never ask a questions that could have a response that entails a 50 minute reply followed by a blog!

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